John Maloney's Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement (His Experience)

the Effort Reduction Linkage - 1972 1/2 approx. to 1974

While preparing Pre-L Pantera S/N 3269 for the PI Motorsports Open House on February 20, 2016, the clutch pedal became "spongy".
After bleeding the clutch hydraulics, the clutch pedal became even more "spongy". The clutch master cylinder had failed!

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Step 2)

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1. New clutch master cylinders are readily available from Pantera parts suppliers.

2. What appears to be the same clutch master cylinder is available at prices from $89.95 to $155

3. The magnitude of the replacement effort is beyond that of the typical DIY Pantera owner.

4. Only a retired mechanical engineer With little better to do, should attempt
the Pantera clutch master cylinder replacement (i.e. John Maloney)

5. Even then I considered having it towed to a Pantera repair shop to
finish the installation at various frustrating times.

John Maloney
April 2016