Historical Plates
July 5, 2005

California Legislators removed the rolling 30 year exemption. I believe Pantera owners would be wise to register their favorite ride as a Historical vehicle. Outlined in an article by John Wilson in the May issue of PCNC Newsletter, this special interest plate is smog exempt under code 27.070 of the registration manual (pages 27 & 28).

Our cars qualify for Historical Plates because they are at least 25 years old, are of special interest limited production – sold less than 2,000 cars in California VC5051 (b), and is “…operated principally for the purposes of exhibition and historic vehicle club activities” VC5004 (f). According to one CHP officer, the “principally” provision allows for other uses of the car legally.

You will have to give up your vanity plates if you decide to double your exemption status. Historical plates are numbered sequentially with no other option and cost all of $25.

Please remember that what the lawmakers give us they can take away and that these plates may not be exempt from the “sniffer” road tests. My understanding is that the law contradicts itself here. Don’t forget that our lawmakers negotiated the 30 year rolling feature to gain our support in the first place --- promises, promises.

February 16, 2009

Protect your car with as many ways as you possibly can by recording it as a Historical vehicle. It is just a little extra insurance against the politicians who are determined to eliminate all gasoline burning cars.

Rod Kunishige