Speedometer Cable Replacement

Tommy Hodges of Extreme Panteras demonstrated the replacement process for the speedo on Scott’s car. His old cable was perhaps a mile or two too long and was said to be a “custom” job. The new one was routed in a normal fashion along the console.

Tommy gave us a short cut by showing that we need not remove the console; merely loosen the center console after removing the front kick panel to raise it just enough to tuck the cable along the driver’s side. Oh, be sure to remove the shift plate first.

Tommy also sticks the cable over the crossover bar rather than use the stock clips (as found on my car) making it much safer than stock. Be sure to check the ends of the speedo to make certain that the right ends are in place. There is a 50/50 chance that they are wrong. Now remove the cable so you can lube the entire length and re-insert it -offering an opportunity to get the ends wrong once again.

In short, Tommy’s instruction covered things I never considered. First, we must lube the cable and make certain that it is not installed dry. Second, verify that the cable is in the right direction. Third, the center console need not be removed. And finally, routing the cable over the cross member adds to safety by securing it from the road surface.

Rod Kunishige
April 2014