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Orange County Panteras (OCP)

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OCP is a group of automobile enthusiasts who gather to share their love of DeTomaso automobiles. Throughout the year we meet for monthly meetings as well as planning many fun and interesting events. There are no chapter membership dues. Members are notified of coming events by email and by postings on this website.

Anyone with an interest in the Pantera or other DeTomaso automobiles can be a member. We host or participate in events around Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Members receive monthly chapter newsletters by email and monthly POCA newsletters are mailed. You will also receive a POCA quarterly magazine by mail. To become a member of Orange County Panteras, you must first join Pantera Owners Club of America.

Membership in POCA will give you an automatic membership in Orange County Panteras. You do not even need to live within the borders of Orange County to be a member of our chapter.

Follow the link below to the POCA website, select the "JOIN/RENEW" tab and fill out an application today.

Pantera Owners Club of America


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